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About Us

The idea of Tropical Foods began with the desire to connect distant cultures with nutritious and affordable foods made in the USA. Founder, Daren Primoli, studied abroad in both Mexico and Spain and was fascinated with family traditions centered around meals. Lunch and dinner preparation was as much a family event as it was a basic daily need. Family recipes, ingredient aromas, and unique national food brands were always a topic of discussion. Meals were simply an expression of cultural heritage, family bonding, and physical nourishment. Some 25 years later, Tropical Foods’ core beliefs are culture, community, commitment.



One visit to our Miami office and you will see and feel the difference our people make. We are a young, experienced, multi-cultural team of professionals that provide boundless service each and every day of the year.

Our team loves what they do, and they do it with pride and passion that is unmatched in the global foods industry. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a diversity of talent that truly makes your experience simple, fast, and efficient every time.


Your experience with Tropical Foods LLC is the cornerstone of our value proposition. We begin each day with your objectives in mind and what you need to succeed in the highly competitive global supermarket industry. Our team understands the laws of supply, the laws of demand, and more importantly, the need to comply with all foreign regulations. With thousands of points of sale from multi-national grocery stores, club stores, to small island independents, our consumer reach is unmatched. We have a winning formula that makes Tropical Foods LLC the premier brand ambassador for all perishable dairy case & food service products.



Tropical Foods LLC has earned its reputation through simple and focused values: People, Pride, and Passion.

Our core philosophy aims to improve lifestyles through food by means of cultural understanding, community involvement, and a long-term strategic commitment. We believe every customer and every supplier is a life-long partner.


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“Our team loves what they do, and they do it with pride and passion that is unmatched in the global foods industry.”