Our perishable consolidation strategy is a key component for inventory management, speedy customs clearance, and product integrity. Every container has a load map, video feed or photo of each pallet position, and a digital temperature recorder for real-time data of the container temperature.  


Maximizing your container space...

Our trained warehouse team builds every out-bound container in our facility, therefore the "cold chain" is never broken. Food handling safety does not just include the kitchen anymore. Tropical Foods LLC has policy driven objectives that ensure all in-bound and out-bound freight arrives within internal "cold chain" policy. We build each order using heat treated pallets, slip sheets, and utilize precise pallet layer patterns to assure product integrity. Every pallet is custom machine-shrink-wrapped to minimize product shifting during shipment. Our warehouse team begins each week on Sunday (yes, Sunday) to provide the best international logistics platform for:
Container MaximizationContainer maximization strategy to assist with efficient off-loading. Our service saves you time!
Pallet CustomizationStore-by-Store pallet building for inventory efficiency and profit maximization.
Loading and UnloadingRapid trailer un-loading and custom palletization of short shelf-life products. Our service saves you time!
Shelf Life GuaranteeMid-Week ship/sail dates to guarantee early arrival to the port. This means our products make it to the shelf quicker and consumers enjoy the freshest product.
Real-Time DataReal-time temperature and digital load patterns on all container orders.
QualityProduce company partnerships to provide profitable solutions to order container consolidations with the highest quality product.

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