Labeling & Repacking

Today’s global food distribution business is no longer load-and-ship. Every Spanish, Chinese, and Korean speaking country has its own set of foreign regulations that are strictly enforced to ensure consumer safety. We have an on-sight team of specialists to affix labels and/or inkjet every product with Day-Month-Year coding. Our labeling services’ turn-around time is 48 hours; therefore, our speed to market is never compromised.


Ensuring Labeling Regulation Compliance…

We develop, design, and print all labels in-house to assure 100% compliance. Our production team carefully and efficiently unpacks and repacks to display-ready cases for select club store partners. We work in complete cooperation within QA departments to adhere to store-level labeling standards as well as in-market government guidelines.
UnpackingUnboxing and repacking utilizing the same carton! Our process is eco-friendly!
Labeling We receive cold, label cold, and palletize cold! We never break the cold chain.
RegulationsWe label every single unit to comply with the respective country’s labeling regulations.
Brand IntegrityBrand integrity is as important as product integrity. All of our labels are designed to be minimally intrusive to original packaging.
SecureEvery label, every code, and every shipment is auditable by both our supplier and customer partners.

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