At Tropical Foods LLC, we manage 100% of our logistics internally—from plant-to-warehouse to port-to-store, we are always in the know. Global logistics has become the center piece of our business due to increased governmental supervision of all shipments and the necessity of fresh, long shelf-life products. We are equipped for global logistics and our model allows for speed, transparency, and efficiency. We keep your orders on track!


Keeping your order on track...

There is no "kind of, sort of" with us, we do it ALL so you don’t have to. We focus on the best and safest methods to ship perishable products from one side of the world to the other. We understand time sensitivity and how it relates to product integrity; we live by trust and transparency. Your quality is our quality, your success is our success. Tropical Foods LLC has refined global logistics to be the best in class for perishable food distribution. Our logistics expertise includes:
Methods of TransportationOcean contracted freight rates, domestic rail car transportation, air freight (LD3, LD9 & Loose Cargo Air Freight).
Ocean and Air FreightWe are a Certified NVOCC (Non-Vessel Ocean Carrier).
ComplianceUSDA's, COC's, and HT and fumigated pallets.
DocumentationSED Documentation and Harmonized Codes classifications.
Container MaximizationContainer maximization strategies to assist with efficient off-loading.
Supply ChainReal-time temperature recording monitors and digital load patterns on all container orders.

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